Auroville Insight Seminars

Inside India is an established travel agency in Auroville – an international city in South India, near Puducherry. Auroville, founded in 1968, is supported by the Indian Government and endorsed by UNESCO.

Inside India offers a wide range of seminars, lectures, workshops and other study programs that enrich the visitor’s stay in Auroville with interesting insights about Auroville and its bioregion. Our Insight Seminars team also conduct guided tours, for individuals as well as groups, which offer a general overview of Auroville’s economic, socio-cultural, and spiritual aspects along with its long term vision; through visits to various locations within Auroville.

Aurovilians have over the years developed an acknowledged level of expertise in many areas of work and visitors are keen to explore these. We therefore, organize multi-day programs for those wishing more intense contact with the myriad aspects and activities going on in the community. For groups and institutions we organize special presentations and visits relating to specific areas of interest such as: Architecture, Renewable Energy, Community Development Services, Handicrafts Production, Afforestation, Soil Regeneration, Organic Farming etc.

These programs are conducted by Aurovilians, and represent a diverse mix of sightseeing, introductions, conversations, lectures and opportunities to interact with other Aurovilians working in various fields. These experts provide insights into the ideals and reality of life in Auroville and present different fields of activity going on in the community to the visitor; based on their own living experience and understanding.

Seminars in Auroville
For guests staying in Auroville we offer several introductory seminars that explore relevant Auroville themes that help to gain a deeper understanding of the Auroville project.

For more information, please visit the Auroville community and the Auroville Foundation.

Auroville Community or Auroville Foundation